Wednesday, January 19, 2005

2005 happy new year bookmark...

This bookmark was designed as a gift to family and friends. The front was designed using pixia (a freeware graphics program similar to photoshop). The back was designed with microsoft word only- I was impressed I could get such a result with a humble word processor program. The use of tables and backcolors illustrates my design philosophy.

The graphics were printed with a color printed, then cut. Then, with the two cut prints side by side, a laminator was used to create a plastic layer around the bookmark. Lastly, the laminated print was cut again to create a durable and long lasting bookmark!

/front of bookmark/

/back of bookmark/

Copyrighted by Johnson Yuen. Please contact me by email if you wish to use my designs for anything commercial.

The purpose of this site...

This Blog will be my graphics portfolio starting from January 2005. I'll post some of my work here as blog postings so that my style can be understood.

My underlying design theory is minimalistic but i'm trying to integrate computer graphics and improve my own drawing skills to incorporate a minimalistic design with subtle images.

There are two other design approaches I like. One of these is the childish sort of line drawing you get with kids. Done correctly, the result is cute as well as personal. Another approach is the schematic style. With arrows to indicate different parts of an object, this style looks sleek as well as being informative.

If you like my work and would like help with creating graphical products, please contact me. The price for my labor is flexible and can be discussed.